Term 3 report

I did fine. i got Most highs for PE and i feel like i am just getting warmed up for the session.

Sose: i had quite a good behavior and i was really interested in learning about the environment.

Music: I might have a good behavior but i really got to talk to my teacher about my use of working.

English: I really do spell well and i wish to spell more words better.

Maths: I did fine in maths but i might need to focus abit more.

Mixing mixture

A1. OK so me and Daniel c were having a test to mix Oil, water and detergent. I was helping out while daniel  was testing the tube. We looked at them to see to what it would be like, and it was…

A2. The sand sort of a brownish yellow whatever and salt is white alot like suger. I think it is easy to see the diffrence.

A3. Imagine if sand and salt was mixed and if you had to pick up every bit of sand and salt one by one, it would take forever.

B1. Question: is the flour visable in the water? A. No, not at the start but when a wait over a minute or 2 you will see part of the flour sank. So it’s a suspension.


C1. I can see the oil standing on the top.

C2: it looked a bit cloudy but the oil is on the surrface of the water so it is not a emulsion.

C3: The water looks all cloudy and there is alot of  bubbles on the surface

C4: It is a emulsion

C5: The oil has broken up a bit and the detergent has made it look a bit cloudy and  made alot of  bubbles surrface.